Dental Billing for Oral Cancer

Much focus has been recently placed on the use of oral cancer screening devices.  This has been highlighted extensively in media articles and television programs. What does this mean for dental practices? Patients may be more apt to seek the care of their dentist for oral screening as a preventive measure.  Additionally, they may seek care for existing growths as they develop a better awareness of this type of condition.  While biopsies are usually covered under the patient’s dental insurance, may practices have experienced a higher rejection rate for the removal of growths.  Dental insurance companies who reject these claims commonly request offices to alternatively bill under the patient’s medical insurance.  In these cases, many offices do not know how to bill the claim to medical insurance or are reluctant to request reimbursment directly from the patient.  Dentistry involves numerous medically-necessary services and procedures which many offices are well-equipped to provide, but ill-equipped to receive compensation for.  A competent billing service will have the knowledge to bill and collect from medical insurance for all the components: the oral cancer screening, biposy, and any necessary removal.  Contact one of our representatives for a complimentary assessment.

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