Medical Billing For Dentists

What is Medical billing for dentists?

Medical billing for dentists requires the experience of both dental professionals and medical coding and billing professional. At Dental Billing Management we specials in medical billing for dentists to help our clients focus on what they do best – being dental professions.

Included in medical billing for dentists are a large number of routine procedures performed in dental practices nowadays. With the help of a company that specializes in medical billing for dentists, these procedures are billable to many medical plans. This also includes many procedures that are traditionally only billed to dental plans, that can now also simultaneously be billed to the medical carrier, with out legal ramifications. These are some of the important insights we have to improve the billing and coding process for our clients.

A good example on medical billing for dentists is dental billing for oral cancer. Much focus has been recently placed on the use of oral cancer screening devices.  This has been highlighted extensively in media articles and television programs. What does this mean for dental practices? Patients may be more apt to seek the care of their dentist for oral screening as a preventive measure.  Additionally, they may seek care for existing growths as they develop a better awareness of this type of condition.  While biopsies are usually covered under the patient’s dental insurance, may practices have experienced a higher rejection rate for the removal of growths.  Concerning Medical billing for dentists dental insurance companies who reject these claims commonly request offices to alternatively bill under the patient’s medical insurance.  In these cases, many offices do not know how to bill the claim to medical insurance or are reluctant to request reimbursment directly from the patient.  Dentistry involves numerous medically-necessary services and procedures which many offices are well-equipped to provide, but ill-equipped to receive compensation for.  A competent billing service will have the know


Why choose DBM for medical billing for dentists?

As a group of specialists that specialize both  in the dental field as well as the payments, billing and coding industry we at Dental Billing Management are perfectly set up to handle all your medical billing for dentists.  In addition to this we can assist you with all related aspects regarding any dental billing and insurance claims processing that you might need help with as a dental professional. At DBM we ensure that all our dental billing clients have a good understanding of the medical billing for dentists process and make sure you as a client get the peace at mind that you are looking for when hiring quality dental billing company like DBM.

Dental Billing Management was founded by a collection of entrepreneurs from various fields: coding and billing, practice management, healthcare financial consulting, and investment banking.  Having the solid background with a diverse collective knowledge of the health services industry gives us a unique perspective on the factors affecting clinical services and reimbursement.  This allows us to provide comprehensive guidance to healthcare professionals in a variety of practice settings including dentists, dental clinics and dental professionals.

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