Dental Billing Services

Dental Billing Management provides a variety of insurance reimbursement and dental billing services to Dental and Medical Professionals nationwide.

Our skilled reimbursement specialists handle all aspects of the revenue cycle related to coding and billing for medical and dental insurance.  This entails collecting patient forms and inputting them into proper format with appropriate coding and modifiers to ensure smooth remittance (dental CDT codes, ICD 9 CM diagnoses codes, and medical CPT codes), accurately and efficiently extracting relevant patient chart information, handling pre-authorization for treatment, preparing claims on CMS 1500 or other appropriate format filing and submitting insurance claims to insurance carriers for reimbursement, contacting insurance companies to obtain proper information for claim submission and coverage, continuous follow-up and request for pending information to ensure timely reimbursement, and compiling practice data on a monthly basis for practice evaluation and performance analysis.

Our Services Include