Medical Dental Cross-Billing

Many dental practices are seeking an edge in today’s saturated practice environment.  Offering a broader array of services to patients is one method of stimulating growth.  Patient retention can depend on capturing as may possible events of care.  But getting full reimbursement for these services can be challenging.  Patients are also less likely to comply with medically necessary care if their insurance won’t cover it.

One approach is to employ cross coding and billing for medically oriented dental treatment.  Engaging a billing company who has a comprehensive understanding of medical coding for dental procedures can make the difference.  A competent billing company will determine coverage guidelines for medical plans for dental related medical procedures.  This is key to utilize benefits under a patient’s medical plan for items considered medically necessary.  Part of this depends on the competence of a biller to ascertain the eligible procedures offered in a dental office and properly bill to insurance.

There are a variety of procedures which can be cross billed medically.  TMJ, sleep apnea, oral cancer, oral surgery, periodontic-related procedures are among them.  Justifying the medical nature of the procedure is based on the diagnosis and level of documentation provided.  The biggest challenge in filing a successful medical claim is selecting the correct codes and following through on the process until the claim is paid.  This is where Dental Billing Management distinguishes itself from other billing providers. We understand medical insurance benefits, procedures which can be billed medically, medical claims processing, and how to handle denials and appeals successfully.

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