Dental Cross-Billing – Billing Medical Insurance for Dental Procedures

Dental cross-billing involves coding and billing dental procedures to medical insurance carriers.  With the reimbursement difficulties many practices are experiencing in today’s market, it is important to stay abreast of insurance changes.  There are a multitude of procedures offered by dentists which can be billed medically.  Failing to properly bill for these procedures can result in thousands of lost dollars to the practice.  Billing medical insurance can simultaneously increase practice cashflow and add value to your patient base.  Dental Billing Management can help you maximize payment for diagnostics, surgeries, therapy, and oral appliances used in your practice.  Here is a partial list of items we can assist with:

• Diagnostics: FMX, Exam, Bitewings, Panoramic, Perapical X-rays, 3D Imaging, Ceph (Only in conjunction with treatment of medical necessity)
• Periodontics: Some SRP cases, Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, Bone Graft, Guided Tissue Regeneration, Clinical Crown Lengthening, Gingival Flap
• Oral Surgery: Extractions, Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth, Biopsies, Excisions, Removals, Alveoloplasty, Incision and Drainage, Alveolus, Frenectomy, Occlusal Device
• Orthodontics: Treatment for specific circumstances. (Only in cases of medical necessity ie: congenital disorders, accidents, cleft palates, etc.)
• TMJ: Night Guards, Physical Therapy, Surgeries
• Prosthodontics: Oral Surgical Splints, Dentures, Specialized prosthetics
• Sleep Apnea: Appliance and other supporting evidence including Sleep Studies
• Endodontics: Drainage of Abscess, Accident related Endodontics
• Implants: Surgical Placement of Implants, Implant Removal, Surgical Splint
• Other Procedures: Arestin, Behavioral Management, Sedation, Therapeutics, Certain tests of medical necessity

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